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To See Real Change – Vote Against Incumbents

February 17, 2010

Iran Freedom Fighters Receive No Support From Obama

February 12, 2010

Shocking, the President sits idle while folks are killed in the street.   Shameful…..

Sarah Palin – What a Refreshing “Change”

February 7, 2010

Obama’s Illegal Aunt – Will She Be Deported?

February 4, 2010

My guess is that the deportation proceedings, being held today, will likely be continued indefinitely.  It is clearly an embarrassing situation for the White House . . . . another one of our Kenyan-American President’s family have popped up on the scene.  This one, an Aunt, has been living illegally for years in the United States.  She has even lived in publically assisted housing.  What a life!!!!!   No wonder Barrack Hussein Obama wants immigration reform….. looks like he wants to keep the family together!

The End of “Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell” – Gay Guards at the White House?

February 3, 2010

Joe Wilson Didn’t Say It, So I Will – “Obama, You Lie.”

January 28, 2010

Almost A Quarter of Bell County Kids Live in Poverty – Great Job, Mr. Burrows!

January 26, 2010