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Tribute to Trevino – Past Deeds & Future Plans

January 18, 2010

As we celebrate MLK Day – supposedly recognizing selfless service but more frequently viewed as just another day off – we should turn our thought to local folks like Joe Trevino who has worked not just today, but throughout the year, to do good things for others and for our community.  Not elected to public office; not receiving a dime of your tax dollars in salary; and not needing a political party to prop him up, Joe Trevino deserves our respect and appreciation.  Good Job, Joe – Keep Up The Good Work

Check Out The Following For More On His Efforts:

Belton Man in Pumphouse

Killeen Daily Herald

Temple Daily Telegram

Video news

Article news

Channel 10 KWTX

Belton resident stays at her home despite rough living conditions Wed. 5/11/05

Community coming to woman’s aid Fri. 5/27/05

Belton wants to demolish rotting trailer, but relative is standoff-ish Fri., 6/10/05

Belton homedemolishedafter standoffattempt fails Sat. 6/11/05

Belton community pours hearts, hammers into time for elderly woman’s home Tue. 9/06/05

Returning to a better home Tue. 5/02/06

Fight for house

Helping hands

News8Austin Video Belton senior citizen living in water-well pump house’t%20bad%20luck.jpg

Giving back “I Will Rebuild.” ch10 Kwtx

Belton man rebuilds – KDHnews

Beltonians help lay the foundation – Temple Daily Telegram

African American cemetery gains historical recognition 12/22/2008 4:37 PM Senior Citizen’s Water Woes 2007

Public Safety – dangerous-dilapidated Sidewalk:

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