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Obama Writes A Letter – No Big Deal!

December 16, 2009

National media outlets are going gaga upon learing that President Barack Hussein Obama has ‘written a personal letter” to North Korean dictator Kim Jong II.  Why all the fuss – don’t these reporters do any research before they author glowing testimonials for Obama and his liberal crowd?   Guess what – Presidents Bush and Clinton also wrote Korea’s top dog before and just what did those efforts get us?   This is just one more indicator about how Obama lives in a dream world.  Obama is naive – he obviously believes major issues can be resolved over a six-pack of beer or a handwritten letter.  Is there any doubt why so many folks said he was so ill prepared for our nation’s highest office?  

While Obama writes love letters to Kim Jong Il, the Iranians continue to test fire long range missles.  Angling for support,  ardent Obama followers argue the  handwritten letter is part of the President’s “intense effort” to jumpstart disarmament talks.  What a joke – he should have sent a Valentines Day card instead.  In fact, I wonder why this President – who prides himself on being techno savy – didn’t use email.  An email would have been easier for Kim Jung Il to delete and by saving precious paper, it would have scored solid points with Obama’s  environmental crowd.  Bottom Line – Obama continues to reveal that he is all show and of little substance.

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  1. December 16, 2009 7:22 pm

    What is so strange is that most of the major player governments have seen through his bravado, and see the incompetent, inexperienced whimp that resides behind his tele-prompter. Russia has absolutely insulted him, China has told him to go blow smoke, and Germany and France are also taking a quiet let the fool do his thing and then we will get back to business of protecting our Countries. Their(European)press people are very vocal about voicing the stupidity of the U.S. for giving him the job.

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