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Pelosi’s Health Bill – Get Ready For More Taxes

November 8, 2009

Pelosi and Obama’s call for health reform is nothing more than a hidden agenda for socialized medicine.  Sadly, the focus of many hard working Americans will be turned to the national political landscape.  But, right here at home, we have to be equally concerned about how our own local politicos and admin bureaucrats such as the Belton Independent School District (BISD) are contributing to the heavy tax burden we now shoulder.

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  1. Chuck Ellis permalink
    November 10, 2009 2:06 pm

    They have all found out that the same tactic works like a charm. Find someone willing to give you a % of their take for campaign funding and Tax and spend activities and you are in like Flynn. All you have to do is go around the voters and send public the bill. The voters pay the total cost (even if voted down) and the local political elects and appointees get the kick backs. If you have any problems locally, you just go to the state and tell them the nasty voters are limiting your access to their funds and the state will step in and give you a non voter required loan. Simple, Huh? Well it is working like a charm in Bell County and D,C.

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